Turf Conditions and Optimal Efficiency

Every turfgrass manager knows that temperature, light, water and fertiliser will influence the growth rate of the grass. Because the growth rate and adjustments to it, are what finally produce the desired playing surfaces, it is critically important to understand how these factors can be adjusted. It will discuss how the inflhence of air temperature, photosynthetic light, plant water status, and leaf nitrogen content can be thought of and communicated as a grammar: the fundamental principles or rules of an art or a science. The result of this process is better turf conditions in a systematic way that optimizes eficiency of the work.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Recognize the effect of growth on turf conditions
  • Air temperature on growth
  • Photosynthetic light on growth 
  • Plant water status on growth
  • Leaf nitrogen content on growth
  • How to apply the principles to optimise efficiency

Presented by Micah Woods, Chief Scientist, Asian Turfgrass Center

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