Organic Fertilisers

This workshop will discuss what makes an organic fertiliser and how they work in the turfgrass environment; covering the benefiits and negatives of these materials. Observed benefits beyond plant growth, such as carbon supply and stimulation of microbial biomass will be discussed, as well as the processes of nutrient release from organic materials.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Be able to read and understand fertiliser labels for a range of organic products
  • Understand the nitrogen cycle and how that affects N release from organic products
  • Recognise relationships between carbon and nitrogen, and howthat is expressed in the C:N ratio
  • Become familiar with microbial biomass and how that may shift as a function of organic fertilisers
  • Understand possible secondary benefits for turfgrass through the addition of organic fertilisers
  • Know the possible routes for nutrient loss/addition in a turfgrass system, when organic fertilisers are applied

Presented by Beth Guertal, Professor, Auburn University

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