Budget Building for Golf Course Management

Designed for Golf Course Managers, Deputies and Assistants, this one-day in-depth workshop provides a step by step guide to the relevant factors that constitute a golf course budget, budget building, monitoring, selling/justification and how to protect budget outcomes. Delegates will increase their understanding and confidence in the factors that relate to golf course budgeting through a mixture of PowerPoint presentation, group participation and role-play.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Budget background and content
  • Learn how to build a detailed budge
  • Budget forecasting
  • Budget report writing
  • Factors to consider when selling a budget
  • Monitoring systems on invoicing and budget performance (track expenditure)
  • Financial ownership and cost reassessment

Presented by Lee Strutt PGDip, MG, CGCS, MS, Golf Course Manager, Royal Automobile Club

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