Turf Managers' Conference

Green Speed is More Than a Number

This session will discuss data collected on green speed and the dispersion of golf balls as they roll across a putting green. Considering the analysis made of the data is not so much about the exact measurements, or the average of the measurements, but more about the variation in the measurements. What is normal variation if you measure green speed at location X on green 1 and then move to location Y on green 1? Is the speed identical? What if it varies by 7 inches, is that normal, or is that unusual? What is the normal variation in green speed from all 19 or 20 greens at an 18 hole facility? What is abnormal variation? And what is normal dispersion of ball roll across a green? What is abnormal dispersion?

Learning Outcomes:

  • How green speed varies from location to location on the same green
  • How green speed varies from green to green on the same golf course
  • The normal variation in green speed across all the greens on a golf course
  • How a ball is likely to vary from a true course as it rolls across a green
  • Some of the normal values for ball roll distance (green speed) around the world
  • Green speed probably varies more than you thought

Presented by Micah Woods, Chief Scientist, Asian Turfgrass Centre

Lead Better

Spend any time researching leadership and you’ll come up with a dizzying number of definition, many of them mutually contradictory. Rather than get embroiled in all that, this presentation will simply propose a sensible, useful and practical model of leadership that works. It might be called, “What do people who are leaders do that people who aren’t leaders don’t do?”

Jeremy Marchant will justify that model,showing examples of people who have deployed it successfully. Looking at some prominent people who think they are leaders, and explain how they could modify their performance to be better leaders.

Crucially, the session will explain why some people, when they try to use this model, get stuck, and will give plenty of ways to get unstuck.

Learning Outcomes:

  • A useful definition of leadership
  • Using examples, how this works in practice
  • The four things that leaders do that others don’t 
  • Four ways to keep going, if you get stuck

Presented by Jeremy Marchant, Specialist in Emotional Intelligence, Jeremy Marchant Limited

A comprehensive, downloadable handout will accompany this session. Jeremy also offers all attendees at the Turf Managers’ Conference telephone support service for up to six months after the Conference.

Reduce Your Organic Matter Problems with Hydration Peroxide!

This session will look at the experiment of mixing hydrogen peroxide with water mixed in irrigation water to address organic matter and soil root diseases on putting greens. Over the past three years this testing has shown some astonishing results and discoveries including the removal of black layer and worm control

Learning Outcomes:

  • Results of organic matter tests and micro-biology populations
  • What could this mean for the future of golf course management?
  • Telling techniques

Presented by David Bataller, Director of Golf, PGA Catalunya

Managing Water for Improved Turf Disease Control

This session will look at managing water effectively to improve turf health and turf cultural practices, thus resulting in an improved disease control programme.

  • The turfgrass disease triangle: host, pathogen, environment
  • Irrigation and turf disease management
  • Methods to monitor volumetric water content
  • Soil surfactants and how they work
  • Using soil surfactants to help manage turf diseases

Presented by Mike Fidanza, Professor of Plant and Soil Sciences, Pennsylvania State University

Stress Awareness

Stress is now the number one cause of work related ill health and absence. This session will consider what is stress? How does it impact us? Where does it come from? How can we recognise it in ourselves and in others? How can we manage the factors that contribute to it?

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding why we stress
  • The impact of stress on our bodies
  • Recognising stress in ourselves and others
  • Recognising the root causes of stress in modern society 
  • Managing stress in the workplace
  • Enabling wellbeing in the workplace

Presented by John Ross GradIOSH MG, Safety Consultant, Compliant Grounds

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