Using and Understanding MLSN Guidelines for Nutrient Recommendations

Minimum Levels for Sustainable Nutrition (MLSN) guidelines are designed to proven nutrient deficiencies based on an analysis of the nutrients in the soil and the expected grass use of nutrients. Since their introduction in 2012, the MLSN guidelines have come into use at turf grass sites around the world. This Focus On session shares that latest information about the MLSN guidelines, including how to use them, why they have received so much attention and points to pay careful attention to when implementing them.

Learning Outcomes:

  • What the MLSN guidelines are 
  • How to use the MLSN guidelines 
  • How to calculate a fertiliser requirement based on the MLSN guidelines
  • How the MLSN guidelines differ from conventional guidelines 
  • Understand nutrient requirements of turfgrass in terms of the MLSN guidelines
  • Why the MLSN guidelines almost certainly recommend more than enough nutrients for the turf

Presented by Micah Woods, Chief Scientist, Asian Turfgrass Center

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