Disciplinary Interviewing Skills

Conducting a disciplinary interview is often a dificult and challenging situation. With the requirement to follow disciplinary and grievance procedures, set out under the Employment Act, the conduct of the interview is a crucial element. A satisfactory completion of the process is critical, but they can very easily go wrong and the whole process can become invalid.

Whilst HR professionals are reasonably familiar with how disciplinary and capability interviews should be conducted, many of the people carrying out these interviews are not HR professionals, and not as comfortable, or familiar, with the process and the skills needed to achieve a satisfactory outcome. This FocusO n session gives the insight and the skills to ensure that the right processes are adhered to and the risk of things going wrong is reduced.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the relevance of statutory and contractual disciplinary procedures
  • Recognise the key management responsibilities involved in carrying out disciplinary procedures
  • Identify the role undertaken by those who are asked to act as companions to their colleagues at disciplinary hearings
  • Be able to use informal action effectively and recognise when formal procedures are necessary
  • Identify the key skills and processes involved in disciplinary interviewing 
  • Know the appeal procedure and the grounds for appeal

Presented by Michael Astrop, Principal, Coach the Mind

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