Stop Telling Your Team - Start Transforming Your Team!

In this Focus On session delegates will earn how to get the best work out of a group of individuals in the workplace. Whether a team leader, or a team member, this session can help you transform a random collection of ‘mixed ability’ individuals in to an extraordinary work team.Discover powerful, proven techniques that will help you to build a great team from scratch. This session is for team leaders and team members who want to make a difference. It will equip delegates with techniques to deal confideftly with conflict and cliques whilst ‘bullet-proofing’ the team so that talented team members stay loyal and secure the team’s future.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Confidently build the complete high performance team in the workplace 
  • Master the ‘magic of measurement’ and discover the part reporting plays in transforming a team �“ whether its members are apathetic or ‘high achievers’ 
  • Learn the secrets of great team leaders and never worry again about getting the very best results from the work team 
  • Confidently deal with cliques and conflicts in the team �“ especially under pressure 
  • Bullet proof’ the team so that talented team members want to stay on board
  • Show suitability for promotion by transforming the performance of your work team 

Presented by Frank Newberry, Trainer and Consultant, Frank Newberry Seminars

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