Fungicides and Physiology

This Focus On session will provide delegates with knowledge of fungicides mode of action. It will provide a nunder standing of a fungicide’s site of activity with in the turf grass plant and the effective and safe application of fungicides to turf to result in improved turf disease control, turf quality, and turf surface performance.

  • What is a fungicide and what can it do for turf grass management?
  • Fungicide mode of action defined and explained for products labelled for use in the UK
  • Fungicides and their interaction with the turfgrass plant from a plant physiology perspective
  • How to effectively and safely apply fungicides to turf
  • How fungicides and plant health work together to produce desired turf surface playing conditions
  • Develop a fungicide use strategy within cultural management practices for your turf site

Presented by Mike Fidanza, Professor of Plant and Soil Sciences, Pennsylvania State University

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