Seminar 3 - Biostimulants for Managing Stressed Turf

The continuing loss of Plant Protection Products has highlighted the need to develop effective methods for minimizing biotic (e.g. disease, insects, nematodes) and abiotic stress (e.g. drought, extreme temperatures) in turf. This objective is made more dificult by climate change and the increasingly high expectations for turf quality within the industry.

Biostimulants represent one of the best options for achieving this, but we require an understanding of the modes of action of these natural materials on plant growth and plant stress. Here we present results that demonstrate how biostimulants can modify plant genes and biochemical pathways to enhance growth.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Potential for managing stress in turf using natural biostimulants
  • How biostimulants modify plant growth

Presented by Richard Salvage, Managing Director, Maxstim Ltd and Dr Colin Fleming BSc PhD, MIBiol, CBiol, Senior Research Scientist, Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute Belfast

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