Seminar 7 - Create Healthy Rootzones to Help Prevent Turf Diseases

Fungal pathogens and root feeding nematodes are the bane of many turf managers life. There are four ways in which soil life and plants can fight disease, fungal pathogens and prevent nematode damage. This seminar will explain how plants use beneficial microbes to protect themselves against disease and nematode attack. Attendees will see case studies showing how golf course managers have used these four mechanisms to their advantage reducing disease while more than halving fungicide and nematicide use by growing grass in healthy biologically active root zones.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Causes of turf disease on their sward
  • Current practices which cause disease 
  • How plants fight off diseases in natural environments 
  • Implement cultural practices that reduce disease 
  • How biostimulants can help prevent disease 
  • How to use biostimulants to help prevent nematode damage 

Presented by Martin Ward, Managing Director, Symbio

BIGGA members can pre-book a place for any of the listed Continue to Learn Seminars. 70 seminar places will be available for each of the sessions held on Tuesday 23 and Wednesday 24 January


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