Seminar 10 - Fertiliser Choice - Quality, Cost and Performance

This seminar will look at fertiliser topics, including controlled release; standard release; homogeneous; blended; granule size; granulars; liquids; soil test use and fertiliser design, in order make the very best informed choice of fertilisers for performance, environmental safety and within budget. With greater restrictions on nutrient pollution in water courses as well as ever increasing pressure on budgets, understanding fertiliser choice is paramount to achieving turf quality and performance.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Choosing fertiliser type to minimise pollution
  • Choosing fertiliser type to reduce cost
  • Matching fertiliser choice to the sward performance required 
  • Soil test importance and its use in fertiliser choice

Presented by James Whittick, Director, Velvit Ltd

BIGGA members can pre-book a place for any of the listed Continue to Learn Seminars. 70 seminar places will be available for each of the sessions held on Tuesday 23 and Wednesday 24 January

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