Seminar 13 - Developing a Comprehensive Golf Course Master Plan

This seminar will outline the importance of and the various steps associated with developing a comprehensive golf course master plan. A golf course master plan includes much more than just architectural designs. Specific long-range planning guidance will be provided relating to water management, the irrigation system, drainage, the equipment fleet, the maintenance facility, labour and stafing levels, tree management and architectural plans. With a comprehensive master plan, golf courses will be better equipped to make improvements while using resources as wisely as possible, allowing golf facilities to move toward to a more sustainable future.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop a water budget and irrigation BMPs for their golf course
  • Outline the challenges with the golf club’s irrigation system and communicate the primary reasons why improvements or upgrades are necessary
  • Create a successful drainage master plan based on identifying the key variables that are course-speckfic
  • Document major challenges with the equipment inventory and build consensus on how to best upgrade key equipment
  • Predict labour and stafing requirements for their facility based on player expectation
  • Build a long-range tree management plan based on agronomic and playability factors

Presented by Adam Moeller, Director, Green Section Education, United States Golf Association

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