Seminar 16 - Maximising Overseeding Success

The seminar will discuss all aspects associated with overseeding on the golf course - species and cultivar selection; overseeding methods and machinery; course conditions and timings; sowing rates; surface preparation and subsequent maintenance. Independent research and development data from an STRI overseeding trial will also be presented. The effectiveness of seed coating and enhancement products will be assessed referencing independent data from STRI and other institutions from around the globe. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Implement an effective overseeding programme, based on independent scientific data
  • Interpret Turfgrass Seed booklet data more effectively
  • Better understand the factors which determine the success of an overseeding application or programme
  • Implement turf maintenance practices that will positively influence species exchange on the golf course
  • Make more effective use of a grass seed budget

Presented by David Greenshields, Amenity Business Manager, Barenbrug

BIGGA members can pre-book a place for any of the listed Continue to Learn Seminars. 70 seminar places will be available for each of the sessions held on Tuesday 23 and Wednesday 24 January

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