Seminar 18 - Granular vs. Liquid Nutrition

In this session Andy and Henry will discuss the relative merits of granular and liquid applied approaches to turf nutrition. They will investigate the various methods of delivering turf nutrition (foliar, liquid and granular) and evaluate the benefits of each method. They aim to show you the relative growth, turf colour and turf quality responses from each nutritional approach as well as any benefits in terms of root development, stress tolerance and disease mitigation. Using up to date trial data they will show the relative eficiencies of delivering nutrition in different ways as well as the cost benefits from each. The aim of this session is to provide attendees with robust trial data that helps them formulate fully effective and integrated fertiliser programmes.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Define three nutritional approaches for fine turf
  • Explain the practical differences between granular and liquid approaches to turf nutrition 
  • Appraise experimental design for nutrition product testing on a golf green 
  • Interpret supporting trial data 
  • Evaluate the benefits of liquid and granular nutrition for golf green turf 

Presented by Henry Bechelet, Technical Manager for UK and Andy Owen, International Technical Manager, ICL

**Pre-Booking Closed** = Although 70 pre-book seats have been allocated, 50 seats remain in the seminar room - available on a first come, first serve basis. We recommend that you arrive 15 minutes prior to the start time of the Seminar session you wish to attend.

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