Chemical Properties of Soil

How do all of the things that are ‘soil chemistry’ affect your turfgrass and turfgrass soil? This includes many items that might show up in a sales brochure or a soil test: cation exchange capacity, base saturation, saturated paste extract, soil pH the list can go on. This workshop will discuss all these terms, and will show how using such data can help you decide how best to manage your turf and underlying soil.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the concepts of cation exchange capacity and how it can affect your turf 
  • Be able to use the soil chemical concepts of CEC, base saturation, soil pH and other items as a part of a soil testing programme
  • Become familiar with new testing tools (such as salinity meters, etc.) that provide ‘real time’ measures of soil chemical properties
  • Understand how soil pH may change over time, and within a profile
  • Be able to use soil test results to assay fertilisation needs
  • Know which soil chemical tests provide you with best information, and which may be flawed or not have correct data to support their use

Presented by Beth Guertal, Professor, Auburn University

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