Fertiliser Programmes From First Principles

This workshop is aimed at Assistant and First Assistant Greenkeepers who are not currently responsible for fertiliser programmes. The workshop will start at the beginning, with the roles of N, P and K. It will work through the nutrient requirements of different grasses in different situations; identify and characterise different sources of the major nutrients and discuss the ways in which they are released to the plant; identify ‘what’s in the bag’ (or drum); select products for different seasons and growth responses; formulate programmes which will deliver the required quantity of nutrient.

Learning Outcomes:

• The roles of N, P and K

• Identify the fertiliser needs of different turfgrass situations

• The characteristics of different nutrient sources

• Understand fertiliser formulations

• Select fertilisers for use in specific situations

• Formulate a fertiliser programme

Presented by Dr Paul Miller, Lecturer in Greenkeeping

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