Intro to Soil Microbiology & Basic Microscopy

This four hour workshop is divided into two parts. Part one provides delegates with a sound introduction to the principles of microbiological management and a basic understanding of the vital role that the activities of microorganisms have in unlocking and realising our soil’s full potential. Part two addresses the identification of the main components of a simple light microscope, providing take‐away tips to help individuals select a suitable model for themselves. In the latter stages of this section of the workshop, we will concentrate on the practical application of this knowledge through a demonstration and training in correct microscope operation and how to use the device to successfully identify the key groups of microorganisms; using this knowledge to carry out effective, qualitative work.

Learning Outcomes:

• Empower growers and greenkeepers to take control of their soil 

• Provide a foundation to understanding the importance of soil life 

• Be able to identify the key microorganisms in soils and solutions 

• Become familiar with the care and operation of a basic light microscope

• Investigate the microbial components of compost teas 

• Carry out productive, qualitative assessments

Presented by Dr Jennifer Ings, Laboratory Technician and Simon Parfey, Managing Director, SoilBioLab

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