Understanding the Maintenance and Management of Your Irrigation System

Your irrigation system plays a vital part in the agronomic and economic performance of your club. This interactive workshop will enable you to increase your understanding of how and why we irrigate. It will include practical and management skills to enhance your maintenance regime. This one day workshop, delivered by industry professionals with end‐user experience, will enable you to maximise the performance of your irrigation system.

Learning Outcomes:

• Why we irrigate golf courses as part of our agronomic programmes

• Irrigation components and their function within a golf course system

• Practical skills to perform basic maintenance and daily set up of key components

• How to set and adjust watering programmes for maximum efficiency

• Irrigation management plan development for your site

• The sustainable use of water in the short, medium and long term

Presented by Alastair Higgs, Golf District Manager UK & Ireland and Stuart Tate, Golf Specification Manager, Rain Bird Europe

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