The Identification and Selection for Amenity Grass Species and Cultivars for Golf

This half day workshop will provide delegates with the practical identification of the main grass species used in amenity turf. Covering plant morphology, growth habit and key identifying features of amenity grasses. Selection of correct species/cultivar for specific sports and amenity uses. What different characteristics do amenity grasses display? Advantages and disadvantages of different species. Why do we select specific species for certain sports? What are the best grasses for use on a golf course?

Learning Outcomes:

• Identify grasses used in amenity surfaces

• Identify key morphological features of grass plant

• Distinguish individual grass plants within mixed turf

• Select correct species for intended use

• Select best cultivar(s) of species for specific use

• Understand the selection of grasses process

Presented by Mark Ferguson, Research Manager, STRI Group

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