Young Greenkeepers Committee & Different Routes Through this Industry

This Career Development session, presented by Young Greeenkeepers Committee (YGC) members, gives an insight into why the YGC was founded, what they have achieved so far and their aims for the future. It will also highlight some career changing opportunities available within BIGGA, showcasing successful applicants. The YGC hope to show how these opportunities help with the progression of a career and finally the importance of building a support network through BIGGA and your peers.

Learning Outcomes:

• An introduction to the YGC

• The YGC’s journey so far and their ambitions

• Opportunities available to members of BIGGA

• A guide to being selected for opportunities within BIGGA • A route to success

• Gaining the most from BIGGA and your peers

Presented by Lyle Davidson, Deputy Head Greenkeeper and Head Goundsman, The Carrick Golf Club and Chris McMurdo, Assistant Greenkeeper, The Mere Golf Resort & Spa

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