Maintaining the Discipline of Your Mates at Work

In this Focus On session you will learn how to make the discipline code work for you whilst remaining good friends with both old and young at work. This session is for you if you are concerned about disciplining your friends. You may have been promoted from within and are now supervising one or more of your best mates. This session is for you if you want promotion but have concerns about the effect on team morale when you have to take a tough line with people. You will discover how to get the very best out of difficult situations at work.

Learning Outcomes:

• Confidently tackle minor and serious discipline problems at work

• Be ‘firm but fair’ to everyone ‐ and be seen to be so ‐ by all team members

• Quickly respond to minor matters so that they do not become major problems

• Promote ‘group discipline’ so that the team can positively police and protect itself

• Encourage an ethos of team loyalty with individuals supportive of each other at work

• Show their suitability for promotion because they can build loyal hard working teams

Presented by Frank Newberry, Golf Sector Trainer, Frank Newberry Seminars

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