Harness Social Media to Motivate Your Team

Most turf professionals know the primary benefits of social media. This Focus On session will look at leveraging social media as a staff motivational tool. Entry level staff in the industry have grown up with technology as a primary component of their lives and will readily accept social media as an integral part of their work experience. The session will share specific strategies and ways to use social media to motivate those within the greenkeeping operation. From staff work anniversaries to renovation projects, many things around the operation can be used to motivate your staff.

Learning Outcomes:

• Leverage social media for staff motivation

• The importance of social media as a motivational tool

• Identify positive ways to motivate staff through social media

• Avoid negative social media within your operation

• Relate to younger incoming members of the greenkeeping profession

• Demonstrate to other departments at the club/course how they may be able to use the same approach

Presented by Jon Kiger, Director of Media and Membership, TurfNet

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