Seminar 3: Browntop Bentgrass: A Traditional Grass Species for the Future of Golf


This seminar will examine Browntop Bentgrass (Agrostis capillaris) in the context of golf course management requirements for today and the future. It will particularly focus on sustainability, the requirement for year‐round golf and the role of this grass species in disease management on golf greens. The presenter has bred this species in New Zealand and is responsible for some of the huge advancements that are being realised in UK trials at the STRI for the Turfgrass Seed booklet.

Learning Outcomes:

• Understand Browntop Bentgrass and its characteristics as a turfgrass species

• Appreciate the role Browntop Bentgrass could play in improving disease tolerance, year‐round performance and playability of golf greens

• Interpret Turfgrass Seed trial data and understand its application

• The potential benefits of an overseeding programme with Browntop Bentgrass

• Appreciate the breeding of a turfgrass species on a global scale

Presented by David Greenshields, Amenity Product Manager, Barenbrug UK Ltd and Stephane Charrier, European Turfgrass Breeder, Barenbrug Research

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