Seminar 4: Pesticides and Pollinators - What's the Buzz?


This seminar will discuss some of the topics surrounding the impacts of insecticides and fungicides on pollinator health. It will include a review of the current status of honey bee populations and those of native pollinators and will discuss the abiotic and biotic stresses that honey bees encounter. It will also discuss why the use of neonicotinoids have become so controversial and will conclude by providing ways to promote pollinator health.

Learning Outcomes:

• Understand biotic and abiotic stresses that impact honey bees and other pollinators

• The impacts pesticides can have on pollinator health

• Why the use of neonicotinoids has been so controversial globally

• Ways to promote pollinator health

Presented by Dr Pat Vittum, Professor of Turf Entomology, University of Massachusetts

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