Seminar 8: Strategies for Maintaining Positive Putting Green Drainage


 growth parameters are as important as drainage for maintaining healthy putting greens that play well. This seminar will focus on factors that affect surface drainage and internal drainage, as well as corrective measures to improve these factors. Maintenance practices and capital improvement projects for maintaining positive drainage will be discussed, including some newer technologies.

Learning Outcomes:

• The importance of surface drainage and internal drainage in turf health and its impact on playing conditions

• Turf growth factors that influence organic matter accumulation and its impact on drainage

• Be familiar with maintenance practices that improve drainage - e.g. dilution of organic matter and alleviating soil compaction

• Drainage projects that can improve internal drainage as well surface drainage

• Know the value of sound construction, regarding internal and surface drainage and to avoid common mistakes that have been encountered on golf course greens

Presented by Elliott Dowling, Agronomist, USGA

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