Seminar 11: Maximise Turf Health Through Traditional and Modern Management


 and sustainable turf management are often spoken about, but what does it really mean? How do you manage turf with little or no chemical intervention? This seminar will investigate what to look for in ‘organic’ products and how to incorporate them into your turf. It will also set realistic goals as to what you can expect from organic disease management.

Learning Outcomes:

• Modern techniques of disease management

• Know how to use organic products to reduce fungicide use

• Understand the relevance of soil microbiology in practice

• Save money on your nutrition and water by improving soil quality

• Maximise benefits of overseeding of perennial species into an annual sward

• Understand the difference between thatch and organic matter and how to manage thatch levels with less invasive methods

Presented by Geoff Fenn, UK Technical Manager, Advance Grass Solutions

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