Seminar 13: Sustainability for Future Success


 seminar will investigate the main impacts of climate change and the consequences our actions will inevitably have. Going forward, trying to manage golf courses in a traditional fashion may not be enough to sustain its future. Traditional practices must become resilient enough to adapt and evolve to rapidly changing climatic extremes whilst remaining cost effective, socially acceptable and ultimately practical. With this in mind, this seminar will help prepare course managers/greenkeepers for future change. It will discuss possible solutions and the practicalities of these solutions to topics such as the rise in sea level, coastal erosion and extreme climatic conditions.

Learning Outcomes:

• Causes and effects of climate change

• The importance of ecosystem services

• How human interventions impact upon natural cycles

• Concepts of sustainability and sustainable development

• The benefits of research, planning and keeping up‐to‐date with innovations providing sustainable solutions

• Prepare for future change on the golf course

Presented by Rowan Rumball, Environmental Consultant, STRI Group

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