Seminar 15: What Does Success Look Like?


 golf course maintenance industry is facing a number of key challenges: recruitment and retention; rising player expectations; tighter spending controls and emerging technology, to name a few. These challenges are leading to higher stress levels which, if not recognised and properly managed, can lead to a breakdown in relationships, mental illness and even burnout.

Two of the industry’s most experienced course managers will share their personal experiences and thoughts to help others enjoy life, learn how to go home, manage stress and maintain relationships with our partners, children and families... by asking, what does success look like?

Learning Outcomes:

• Recognise workplace stresses and their causes

• Methods that will aid coping with workplace stress

• Achieve a better balanced work and home life

• What success really looks like

Presented by Lee Strutt PGDip, MG CGCS MS, Golf Course Manager, Royal Automobile Club and Matthew Wharton CGCS MG, Golf Course Superintendent, Carolina Golf Club

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