Seminar 19: Use of Photography and Video Footage to Improve Golf Course Management and Communication


This seminar will explain how greenkeepers can utilise photography and video to improve turfgrass management as well as communication with members and committees. Topics covered will include optimising image quality; appropriate use of different imaging techniques for different situations; discussion of what scenarios imagery can be used for and an introduction to drone imagery. It will also showcase some of the work on which STRI have been using imagery and video to improve consultancy and agronomic advice, as well as monitoring research trials.

Learning Outcomes:

• Use basic camera setup to improve image quality

• Better composition of images

• Assess and select appropriate photography techniques for given scenarios

• Using mobile phones for image and video capture

• Using photography and video to communicate with club owner/members

• Using photographs and video as a visual record keeping tool

Presented by Dr Tom Young, Technology Manager and Daniel Dean, Research Officer, STRI Group

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