Seminar 20: Worms, Leatherjackets and Bugs...What Are We Going to Do?


Current restrictions on previously available chemical controls to reduce worm casting, leatherjacket and chafer grubs are causing significant problems for the majority of sportsturf managers throughout the UK and Ireland. Excessive worm casting has negative impacts on surface playability, weed ingression, mower efficiency and the overall aesthetic appearance of the sports surfaces. Leatherjacket and chafer grub infestations have a direct detrimental effect on turfgrass health with a major secondary problem of damage caused by birds feeding on them and causing significant damage to playing surfaces. This seminar describes and presents cultural, traditional and novel methods to help alleviate this problem.

Learning Outcomes:

• Understand the life cycles of terrestrial worms, leatherjackets and chafer grubs

• Be aware of the damage turfgrass surfaces can sustain from increased populations of these pests

• How current turfgrass management procedures impact these populations

• How various cultural, nutritional, chemical and novel practices can reduce the impact of these pests

• Future controls which may become available

• Best methods to communicate to the relevant parties the damage caused by these pests and how limited the control measures currently are

Presented by Dr John Dempsey, Superintendent/Plant Pathologist, Royal Curragh Golf Club

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