Ecology and Environmental Forum

The Ecology and Environmental Forum is kindly sponsored by Aquatrols

Rewilding the Golf Course

The promotion of wildlife and conservation on a golf course, and the importance of the golf environment awards.

Learning Outcomes:

• Golf courses are not sterile inhospitable environments for wildlife

• Effective communication with the members about what’s going on around their course and what wildlife they can see

• A greenkeeper is more than just a grass cutter

• Involve non members to appreciate the wildlife a golf course has to offer

• Keeping good records of the wildlife you see

• Using social media to connect with people and share ideas

Presented by Stephen Thompson, Greenkeeper, John O’Gaunt Golf Club

How Environmental Groups and Government Departments Can Help

This session will identify ways to contact local environment groups and how you can work together for a mutually beneficial outcome. It will provide information about funding that is available, how to get it and what costs the golf club might incur. It will also highlight the environmental and wider benefits to the club.

Presented by Trevor Harris, Deputy Course Manager, Castle Course, St Andrews Links Trust

Widening the Brief

This session will address the importance of understanding wider landscape management and it’s value to nature conservation on the golf course. As it becomes increasingly recognised that the conservation of our diminishing wildlife must be connected through habitat linkage, patch size and quality, this talk will outline how clubs are already taking on a much wider landscape approach to their management.

Presented by Bob Taylor, Head of Ecology and Environment, STRI Group

Ecological Challenges of a SSSI Site

In this session Andy will discuss how, when working for the National Trust, he addressed some ecological challenges on a SSSI site. Learn how this knowledge is now being used in his position as First Assistant at Warrington Golf Club with responsibility for ecology. It will look at engaging members in ecology, managing the public and creating a sanctuary.

Presented by Andy Riley, First Assistant, Warrington Golf Club

Golf Courses are Living Landscapes

In this session Warwickshire Wildlife Trust will discuss how they have been supporting Coventry Golf Club to achieve the internationally recognised GEO Award. Working in partnership for a number of years, they have offered advice and guidance as well as recording the wildlife on the golf course to help engage members. The approach is to recognise that the primary function of the golf course is to provide a high quality sporting experience for members and that it doesn’t have to be at the expense of wildlife. It will also focus on birds of prey as a target species, to help demonstrate how golf clubs can provide a lifeline for nationally threatened wildlife at the same time as benefiting the business and the player experience. The advice given aims to demonstrate how simple changes in the management of a golf course can add significant value to wildlife, whilst also saving the club money and making it more efficient.

Presented by Ian Jelley, Director of Living Landscapes, Warwickshire Wildlife Trust

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