Golf Course 2030 Initiative

An industry roadmap addressing challenges from the changing climate, resource constraints and regulation to secure optimal golf course condition and playability for current and future generations

The world is changing for the golf course manager, in terms of the weather they are facing, the tools they have available to deliver playing surfaces, the regulations they must comply with and the influence of outside agencies; all of these can have a direct impact on course condition. Golf needs to be proactive if course managers are going to be able to cope with these challenges. Golf needs a vision of the environment that we might experience in 2030, what impact this could have on playing surfaces, given current operating practices, technological capabilities and what can be done to manage these challenges to continue to meet golfer expectation.

The Main Aims of the Golf Course 2030 Initiative:

• Promote the need for resilience and future‐proofing of golf course condition and management

• Identify global, regional and local challenges

• Raise the awareness of key stakeholders to the potential impact of the challenges facing course managers

• Devise pathways for uncovering solutions to challenges

• Prepare the industry and golfers for challenges to which affordable solutions cannot be found

• Support the greenkeeping profession and raise its profile

• Bring key stakeholders in the industry together so they are speaking with one voice, to ensure that there is commonality of language and messaging

• Deliver an acceptable standard of golf course condition, given prevailing circumstances

There are three main areas of change that are impacting on course management:

1. Climate

2. Resources 

3. Regulations

In this panel discussion all three areas of change will be considered by a panel of industry experts before a question and answer session is held.

The panel will be chaired by the R&A's Director of Sustainability, Steve Isaac.

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