Building a Fertiliser Plan for Beginners

This one day workshop is aimed at Assistants, First Assistants and Deputy Heads who have never had the responsibility of building a fertiliser programme for their golf course. It is also suitable for newly appointed Course Managers or those who want a refresher on the topic.

Understand the role of nutrients, different sources of nutrition available, soil tests and calculating nutrient input. This interactive session will give you the chance to put together a fertiliser programme and to discuss the results. A relaxed day where there are no wrong answers!

Learning Outcomes: 
• What is in a fertiliser and what the plant does with it 
• Which types of nitrogen can give you the plant response you want 
• How to calculate total amounts of fertiliser applied for granular, liquids and soluble products 
• Look at different types of greens and soils and design an appropriate nutrition programme 
• Be confident in what to ask for with fertiliser sales representatives 
• Save money in your fertiliser budgets by only applying what is required 

Presented by: Geoff Fenn, UK Technical Manager, AGS and Kelly-Marie Clack, Consultant Agronomist, STRI 

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