Creating Healthy Rootzones from USGA Specification to Reduce Disease, Fertiliser, Thatch and Water Use

This Focus On session will help you to understand how the biology of a root zone: 

1. Drives the physical and chemical processes which determine plant growth, disease, water and nutrient retention and use 
2. How to use this information to reduce disease; grow perennial grasses; degrade thatch and convert it to plant food and humus without physical removal; manage fairy rings and associated dry patch; create free draining, friable rootzones without heavy top dressing and coring; and reduce fertiliser and fungicide inputs 

Learning Outcomes: 
• Creating a healthy, more natural rootzone for grass growth 
• How to convert thatch to humus and nutrients for a free draining rootzone 
• How to introduce the four key elements of natural disease suppression to your turf 
• Solutions to fairy rings and dry patch 
• Understand why turf managers often sow perennial grass and end up with poa annua when nature does the reverse 
• How to relax and let natural processes do your work 

Presented by Martin Ward, Symbio 


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