Criticising and Correcting People at Work

This Focus On session is for you if you are concerned about the negative impact of criticising and correcting people at work. Will individuals be resentful? Will they become uncooperative? Will they complain to others? Will their performance and team morale actually get worse? During this session you will learn how to make a ‘feedback contract’ with each team member and one for the team as a whole. It will also help you to encourage the work team to adopt the ‘group discipline’ approach so that poor performance and difficult people are dealt with speedily using fair measures and agreed processes. 

Learning Outcomes: 
• Engage with poor performers rather than avoid, accommodate or compromise with them 
• Build and maintain a constructive attitude to criticism and correction in the workplace 
• Confidently criticise and correct people in ways that bring respect and clarity at work 
• Eliminate gossip and complaints that can crop up when feedback is not handled well 
• Develop ‘feedback contracts’ for individual team members and the team as a whole 
• Confidently give feedback to colleagues, managers and other key stakeholders 

Presented by Frank Newberry, Trainer and Conference Speaker, Golf Business International 

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