Deputies' Conference

Should You Really Be The Boss? 

Let’s use the principles of “Stretchy Thinking” to consider your future. Not everyone can be, or wants to be the boss. While you may feel that you should be the boss one day, this session will help you to determine if that’s the best possible option for you and your employer. 

Learning Outcomes: 
• Consider what you really want to achieve and why 
• How to identify your challenges and opportunities 
• Embrace the power of YET 
• Use ‘Stretchy Thinking’ to overcome challenges 
• The principles of Do it, Dump it, Do more of it 
• Skills to enable you to depend on yourself and develop your own resilience 

Presented by: Rebecca Jones MA. PGCE, MPSA, Managing Director, RJ Training Ltd 

Using Running to Combat Mental Health 

During this session Ben will talk about what led him to undertake his epic adventure of running 495 miles around the boundary of Yorkshire, raising in excess of ��£27,000 for men’s mental health charity CALM.

Learning Outcomes: 
• Benefits of running 
• How to build communities 
• Using running to manage mental health

Presented by: Ben Davis, CALM Running Ambassador 

Being an Effective Deputy 

During this panel session you will hear the real life experiences of BIGGA members who are in a Deputy role. They will discuss strategies that they have learnt, developed and used to manage both upwards and downwards. You will be given the opportunity to ask questions and add comments during this interactive session. 

Panellists: Alex Brougham, Deputy Head Greenkeeper, Trentham Park Golf Club, Callum Goodhind, Deputy Course Manager, Prestbury Golf Club, Lyle Davidson, Deputy Head Greenkeeper and Head Groundsman, The Carrick Golf Club and Steve Thorne, Deputy Course Manager, Highpost Golf Club 

Recognising Personality Types and Using Them to Get What You Want! 

This session will introduce you to different personality ‘types’, what makes them tick and how to use this knowledge to help you get what you want! 

Learning Outcomes: 
• Identify your own personal type, including strengths and weaknesses 
• Improve communications with managers, peers, staff, and members/guests 
• The ability to identify personality styles and read body language 
• Improve negotiations for budget approvals, promotions, merit increases and member engagement 
• Learn what makes others ‘tick’ to maximise interactions and influence 
• Build credibility and strengthen relationships 

Presented by: Phil Helmn MG, GM Sports Turf & Grounds, Goodwood Estate Ltd 

How to Get Employees Engaged and Improve Performance 

68% of employees are not engaged at work and of those, 17% are actively disengaged, which means a lot of time is being wasted in the workplace. This session will give you an insight as to why this happens and what practical steps can be taken to reverse the attitude and subsequently their behaviour. 

Learning Outcomes: 
• Understand what employee engagement is and how it manifests itself 
• Create a climate for engagement 
• Recognise the different kinds of engagement 
• How to get the organisational culture right for positive engagement 
• The five powerful steps to improve employee engagement 
• How to embed the engagement mindset

Presented by: Michael Astrop, Principal, Coach The Mind 

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