Drought - Doesn't Have to Mean a Brown Course!

Drought doesn’t have to be an issue and impact your club’s operation and customer experience, if planned for and carefully managed. 

Threats to golf water security come from many quarters: drought, lower rainfall, drier summers and global warming. 
Add the unpredictable risks of climate change and post Brexit tighter environmental requirements, without a Drought Management Plan these changes will likely affect your clubs’ business model, customer experience and future growth! 

This Focus On session offers you practical advice on how to identify your clubs’ drought risks and develop options, to help you plan for a water poor future. 

Learning Outcomes: 
• Recognise the threats to golf from current and future drought 
• Identify the early warning hydrological threshold trigger levels for the different stages of a drought i.e. normal, potential drought and drought 
• Carry out a light touch golf water resources drought audit 
• Understand the difference between a drought order, drought permit and how they affect golf water security 
• Develop a golf drought water management action plan framework 
• Explain how a good Drought Management Plan underpins UK golf clubs’ future growth and sustainability 

Presented by Junier Browne, Environmental Consultant, JBEL Environmental Services Ltd 

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