Irrigation Design and Auditing

Was your irrigation system put under pressure in 2019? Does your irrigation system need auditing to improve its efficiency and effectiveness? Is your irrigation system becoming old, inefficient and requiring upgrading? 
Irrigation is an important element of golf course management to ensure quality, consistent, playing surfaces. It is required to supplement natural precipitation during periods of dry weather and aid with maintenance practices such as the washing in of wetting agents etc. On this basis it is imperative that it functions when required, particularly as it is the most expensive single item of maintenance equipment on any golf course. With the ever pressing demands on water resources within our environment, water needs to be used efficiently and this requires an efficient irrigation system. 

The aim of this workshop is to provide an understanding of irrigation system design and auditing to enable informed and accurate decisions to be made when managing, adding to, or upgrading your golf course irrigation system.
It will discuss and demonstrate a basic irrigation design helping you to understand the principals of irrigation design. You will prepare your own small irrigation designs in groups.

Learning Outcomes: 
• How to establish an efficient irrigation system 
• Deciding areas to be irrigated, correct sprinkler selection and spacing for irrigation of key surfaces 
• Sprinkler precipitation rate and run time calculations to enable accurate irrigation scheduling and water usage 
• Worked example of small irrigation design 
• Small irrigation design 
• How to audit your irrigation system to improve efficiency and save water 

Presented by: Adrian Mortram, Managing Director, Robin Hume Associates Ltd 

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