Seminar 12 - How to Maximise the Benefits of Bio Stimulant Applications


The use of biostimulants may enhance turf quality by promoting plant growth/fitness and amplifying stress tolerance under drought or disease pressures. The recent commercial abundance of biologically active compounds requires that growers be educated in their effective use as part of a programme. In addition, since many biostimulants are naturally occurring compounds, their use supports sustainability initiatives. This seminar focuses on the benefits of biostimulants to the turfgrass industry, examining what they are, how they are created and how they should be used to maximise utility with other inputs, such as wetting agents, fertilisers and pesticides. 

Learning Outcomes: 
• Identify biostimulant types 
• The process of biostimulant manufacture 
• The expectations of biostimulant use 
• Use biostimulants in a manner that maximises their effects 
• Use biostimulants effectively with other inputs such as wetting agents, fertilisers and pesticides 

Presented by Darryl Ramoutar, Director of Research and Development, Aquatrols 

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