Seminar 13 - Turf Management - Thinking Outside the Box


The goal of this seminar is to encourage you to think differently about turf management strategies. It will discuss managing areas within an area and not thinking of areas as a whole. It will break down individual areas of a single fairway/green/etc. and how to manage those areas differently. Discussing various techniques developed over 40+ years in the business that have a different approach than standard turf management. 

Learning Outcomes: 
• Understand “areas within an area” 
• How to treat areas independently from the area as a whole 
• New “greens rolling” techniques based on area management 
• New “fertility and chemical” techniques based on area management 
• Various inventions/tricks for golf course management 
• To “think differently” about the golf course 

Presented by Kevin Ross, Consulting Agronomist, ONCOURSETurf, LLC 

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