Seminar 6 - Disease Suppression Without Fungicides, Can It Be Done?


Disease prevention is a major factor in the successful management of amenity turfgrasses. Until recently, chemical fungicides were the foremost tool used, however many of these have now been removed by legislative restrictions. Faced with this reduced availability of fungicides, turfgrass managers are increasingly seeking additional control tools, focusing on non-chemical methods. 

This seminar will bring together the full menu of available methodologies to suppress turfgrass disease. It will show solid scientific data to support the means of suppression in areas of cultural controls, manipulation of environmental conditions, targeted nutritional compounds for defence and enhancement of the plants natural defence mechanisms. 

Learning Outcomes: 
• What is meant by a turfgrass disease 
• The infection processes of common turfgrass pathogens, and how infected plants respond to infection 
• Recognise environmental conditions conducive for infection and be aware of methods to reduce disease pressure 
• How a programme of cultural practices can reduce disease pressure 
• Awareness of how treatment with natural compounds can suppress disease 
• Use the ‘Disease Pyramid’ to focus on areas they can influence to reduce disease pressures 

Presented by Dr John Dempsey, Turfgrass Pathologist, Independent Turfgrass Research 

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