Soils and Water Management

We take water for granted until we have too much or too little of it. This Focus On session will look at water behaviour in diverse soils, the concepts of water movement as influenced by soil physical, chemical, or biological properties including water repellency and recent advances relating to interfaces. Considering the boundaries between soil textural classes, soil particles, microorganisms, organic matter and plant roots. It will look at the practical implications of this information as applied to management options for improving turfgrass and soil health and will be linked to strategies for water utilisation and delivery in the root-zone. 

Learning Outcomes: 
• The nature of the rhizosphere 
• How the rhizosphere influences water, nutrients and communication between the plant and its root microbiome 
• Expand your knowledge on communication between plants and the root microbiome 
• Revise the understanding on water movement in soils 
• Appreciate potential options to modify the root microbiome for improved turf performance 
• Learn that managing soil water is more than dry patch control 

Presented by Stan Kostka, Visiting Scholar, Pennsylvania State University-Berks Campus 


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