Stop Being So Nice!

This Focus On session is for you, if you are in management (or you want to be in management) and you suspect you might be too nice to people sometimes! 

Have you been told that you are too nice to ever be a boss, to take charge in difficult situations, or just too nice to get promoted in this industry? In this highly interactive and enjoyable session you will learn how to be tough enough for any work situation that arises. You will also learn how to achieve this without losing your friends, losing your job or changing your personality! 

Learning Outcomes: 
• Take charge especially in unforeseen tricky workplace situations 
• Resolve workplace conflicts speedily and effectively 
• Indicate your true worth to your employer, peers and team members 
• Give people confidence that you can handle work delegated from the higher level 
• Show that you can take the lead in improvement projects and problem solving teams 
• Signal your suitability for promotion or advancement 

Presented by Frank Newberry, Trainer and Conference Speaker, Golf Business International 


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