The Importance of Understanding That Golf is a Business

This Career Development session will focus on the importance of understanding that golf is a business. 

It will discuss the notion that a greenkeeping management role is about more than just producing a great playing surface and managing the greenkeeping team. It’s about recognising who the golf course ‘belongs’ to and how, as the main asset, it has to perform for the benefit of the business. The challenges of keeping members, committees and the club management satisfied by learning to manage expectations and be adaptable within the limitations of the resources available. 

Learning Outcomes: 
• How course management and the ‘business of golf’ are linked 
• Managing a committee 
• Manage your own and other’s expectations 
• Understand it’s not all about you 
• There’s a right way and a wrong way to be involved with the club 
• Meetings will be part of your job, so enjoy them 
• Work is important but never forget about home 

Presented by Steve Chappell, Golf Course Superintendent, Royal Bled Golf Club 


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