Thinking on the Spot

We all ‘think’ every day of our lives, but it is often overlooked as a skill that can be improved. Don’t get caught ‘off-guard’, prepare yourself to be able to think on the spot. 

In this Focus On session you will acquire skills of how to gather and articulate your thoughts concisely, clearly and convincingly. A wide range of techniques will be explored and rehearsed to help you make the most of your mind and thinking processes, so that you can eventually truly think on-the-spot. 

Learning Outcomes: 
• React confidently to unexpected questions 
• Know how to buy yourself thinking time 
• Have a structure for answering challenging questions 
• Three ways to add depth and engagement to your answers 
• Know the appropriate responses to obtain further information 
• Bring conversations to life and move them to a higher level 

Presented by Michael Astrop, Principal, Coach The Mind 

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