Turf Managers Conference

Implementing Stretchy Thinking to be the Best Boss You Can Be 

Congratulations you are the boss! 

Being the boss isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. By implementing “Stretchy Thinking” you can be the best boss that you can be. This session will help you know when you need to grow, when to say no, when to ask for help and when to realise you already have the skills you need. 

Learning Outcomes: 

• Consider the barriers you face to achieve excellence 

• How to use ‘Stretchy Thinking’ to overcome challenges 

• Learn how to avoid Sneaky Snakes and finding your Super Supporters 

• The principles of Do it, Dump it, Do more of it 

• Skills to enable you to depend on yourself and develop your own resilience 

• Embrace the power of YET 

Presented by: Rebecca Jones MA, PGCE, MPSA, Managing Director, RJ Training Ltd

Water Management and Wetting Agent Use 

This session will provide an overview of irrigation management strategies to maximise turf health and playing conditions. It will also offer examples of the USGA water budget tool along with practical wetting agent programmes. 

Learning Outcomes: 

• Overview of irrigation programmes in the US 

• Strategies to reduce water use 

• Irrigation use to improve playing conditions 

• Understanding of how wetting agents are used in the US 

• Wetting agent programmes for a variety of applications (turf health, plant protectants, playability) 

• How to use wetting agents at your facility 

Presented by: Addison Barden, Agronomist, United States Golf Association 

80% People / 20% Turf, The Importance of Creating the Right Culture in the Workplace 

From South Africa to Indonesia, Bahrain, Dubai and Scotland, this session will look at the art of managing people and how it is transferable, no matter what the culture, belief and background is. 

Learn the key skills required to create the right culture within your team and how you can positively influence individuals who may not be performing at the expected level. 

Learning Outcomes: 

• Appreciate the skills of being flexible and a good listener 

• Different leadership styles and how to use them positively in any situation 

• Recognise talent within your team 

• The importance of developing ambassadors for your club and your role in creating future turf managers 

• Create a culture of inclusion and learning 

Presented by: Craig Haldane, Golf Course Manager, The Gleneagles Hotel 

The Future of Golf Course Management, Golf Course 2030 and Beyond 

The Golf Course 2030 industry initiative aims to produce a roadmap for the golf industry to secure optimal course condition and playability in the future by mitigating the impact of the changing climate, resource constraints and regulation. Progress has been made in initiating projects to address priority issues. This session will provide an update and outline the next steps including key research initiatives to benefit greenkeepers. 

Learning Outcomes: 

• Engagement with industry initiative 

• Raise awareness of climate, resource and regulation challenges 

• Appreciation of industry action 

• Research and education opportunities 

• Impact of golf facilities 

• Working closely with greenkeepers 

Presented by: Steve Isaac, Director -Sustainability, The R&A, Dr Ruth Mann, Head of Research, STRI and Jim Croxton, CEO, BIGGA

Using Biofertilisers, Biostimulants and Nutrition to Support Plant Immunity 

Supporting the plants immune system to build inherent resistance to pests and diseases is emerging as a key part of integrated pest management strategies. 

This session will discuss the fundamentals of plant immune systems and outline strategies greenkeepers can use to boost turf immunity via biofertilisers, biostimulants and plant nutrition. 

Learning Outcomes: 

• Fundamentals of plant immunity 

• Primary and secondary plant defences 

• Role of plant nutrition in catalysing production of defence chemicals 

• Systemic acquired resistance vs Induced sytemic resistance 

• Inducing plant immune response with biostimulants and biofertilisers 

• Understanding and addressing the root causes of plant health dysfunction 

Presented by: Joel Williams, Plant and Soil Health Educator, Integrated Soils 

Understanding and Managing Mindset and Mental Health 

This session will focus on tools and techniques to better understand and manage your mindset, including stress, anxiety and depression. 

Learning Outcomes: 

• Manage stress better 

• Understand behaviours such as drinking or comfort eating 

• Think more critically about mental health online 

Presented by: Dave Cottrell, Mindset Coach, Mindset By Dave 

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