Water Efficiency: Making Every Drop Count, Save Water & Save Money!

Did you know that reducing water use and associated waste water discharged to a mains sewer, can significantly reduce your clubs’ water/sewerage charges and energy costs? 

Every drop of water used to irrigate golf courses, for washing down and clubhouse use, costs money. Therefore, water efficiency measures could not only have a big impact on your future water security but also club finances. 

This Focus On session will look at golf water efficiency planning by offering practical advice on how to develop a cost-effective water efficiency action plan, to help you make every drop count, save money and prepare for a water poor future. 

Learning Outcomes: 
• Recognise the threats to golf of not undertaking water efficiency measures 
• Identify the areas of the golf course and the clubhouse that would benefit 
• Carry out a light touch golf club water efficiency audit 
• How failure to undertake regular water efficiency checks can affect a golf club’s water security resilience 
• Develop a targeted golf water efficiency action plan 
• How a good Water Efficiency Management Plan underpins UK golf future growth 

Presented by Junier Browne, Environmental Consultant, JBEL Environmental Services Ltd 

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