Writing a Golf Course Policy Document

A golf course policy document serves as a communication tool and adds the element of stability to the management of the course. It is a tool adopted by many clubs that allows them to understand their golf course objectives and to agree an approach to the maintenance of the course. 

This workshop will introduce the Course Policy Document. It will discuss what should be included within it and will make a start on the preparation of one suitable to you. You will leave with a template for preparing a document and will be offered ongoing support as you develop your document back at work. 

Learning Outcomes: 
• The value of a Course Policy Document 
• Objective setting for your golf course - what is important to you? 
• Measuring turf quality 
• Course policy and approaches to maintenance 
• Who does what? 
• Getting it down on paper 

Presented by: Dr Paul Miller, Lecturer in Greenkeeping 


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