Developing an Innovative Greenkeeping Team

Innovation is constantly reviewing your team, the club and the requirements of your club members. Knowing how you can be innovative within safe parameters is becoming a core role for all staff members, especially those looking to progress their clubs. 

Learning Outcomes: 
• Consider what we really mean by innovation and how we can each be responsible for implementing it 
• How you can easily develop new ideas and put them forward to improve your clubs future 
• Understand what we mean by idea generation, innovation and creativity and why that matters to you and your future at the club 
• Simple ways to develop suitable innovative and creative ideas for your club 
• Ways you can test some of the ideas out before rolling them out on a larger scale 
• How you need to present new ideas in the right way to have them considered by the club 

Presented by Rebecca Jones MA, PGCE, MPSA, Managing Director, RJ Training Ltd 


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