Young Greenkeepers Conference

Young Greenkeepers Conference

Young Greenkeepers Conference is kindly supported by Baroness

BIGGA’s Young Greenkeepers Committee present their second national conference specifically designed for young greenkeepers. The Conference provides the opportunity to meet other greenkeepers and to attend education that will benefit you in your career as you move up the greenkeeping ladder. Senior colleagues are welcome to attend with their young greenkeeper.

The Young Greenkeepers’ Conference will be followed by a networking lunch (included in the cost)

Put Down Your Phone, I’m Talking to YOU! The Importance of Face to Face Communications

It has never been easier to communicate with each other and we live in a world where mobile phones are king. However, it’s not always the best way to communicate and can often lead to misunderstandings.

As you progress in your greenkeeping career you will find yourself in supervisory and management roles, working within teams, with club management and committees. Face‐to‐face communication will be a vital skill.

Although it should be the most basic form, face‐to‐face communication can often be the trickiest. In this session you will learn simple techniques that you can apply immediately and hone over time, enabling you to improve relationships and rapport with others.

Learning Outcomes:

• The importance of face‐to‐face communications

• Consider your audience for face‐to‐face communications

• Become more comfortable explaining things in small groups

• The importance of your body language and that of the person you’re talking to

• The importance of eye contact

• How to increase your amount of face‐to‐face communication

Presented by Jon Kiger, Director of Media and Membership, TurfNet

Basics of USGA Greens Construction

Constructing putting greens with good drainage provides a strong foundation, to ensure the likelihood of success for years to come. No other form of putting green guidelines have been developed as rigorously or with the same scientific scrutiny as those developed by the USGA, to ensure that putting greens drain properly. This session will shed light on the principles of a “USGA Spec” green and the revisions that have taken place to refine the recommendations.

Learning Outcomes:

• The history of USGA green construction

• Some basic principles of soil physical properties

• New revisions to USGA construction guidelines

Presented by Elliott Dowling, Agronomist, USGA

What I Wish I Knew ‐ Stepping Up to First Assistant / Deputy

The session aims to help ambitious greenkeepers who are keen to prepare themselves for a future managerial role.

Based on my experience of what it is like to take the step up to management early on in your career, this session will focus on the education and experiences that I believe have helped me in my current role as Deputy Head Greenkeeper. It will identify experiences and education that I wish I had undertaken before I reached a managerial level.

Presented by Alex Broughman, Deputy Head Greenkeeper, Trentham Park Golf Club

Snapshot on: Toro Student Greenkeeper of the Year

How Toro Student Greenkeeper of the Year can help enhance your career.

Presented by Nick Machin, Assistant Greenkeeper, Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club and Angus Roberts, First Assistant Greenkeeper, Schloss Roxburghe 

Snapshot on: Volunteering

How volunteering can help to enhance your career.

Presented by Stefan Carter, Senior Greenkeeper, West Course, Wentworth Golf Club

Snapshot on: My Intern Experience

How international experiences can help you gain some vital life experiences.

Presented by Sam Sweetzer, Greenkeeper, Queenwood Golf Club

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